Have U meet the Drapers?

Have U meet the Drapers?
The perfect couple in a perfect family subway?
She is a like a model,thiny and blonde with perfect skin and he is sooo handsome,man that makes a women go crasy but there is something dark and misterious abouth him...They looked so happily but can U beliave,they split up on fall,just a few months after they had a third child!
No way?!
Yes,well that dear,show you that perfect from outside is not perfect from inside! 

Quality and look.That mostly nowdays don't go together but suprise,suprise here comes the Mad Men!
Definetely one of the best tv series in whole television history had a premiere in 2007.
Mad Men.Perfect from outside,perfect from inside.You have to love them!IThis is the serie that put you in the past like no one serie ever did before.It is all about style.
The way of living,the way of having things done,the way of understanding and the way of just being."Mad Men" is set in the most interesting period in America society,at the end of fifties and at the beggining of the sixties.It is a world where man rules and built a life but where style and manners sophisticately decorates the wife's and the mistress. Both,women and men are individuals that shares many hidden sins and addictions.
The "mad" is for Madison avenue in NY where buisness of main caracter Draper and most of male caracters is set,but it could be also like an adjective that in best way describe disturbance,provocation and sometimes an overcome by desire and grid of all caracters.

I feel in love in show first mostly because of her stylish moment.
The period that is in background was abouth constant change but if you ask me was for fashion and interior like renaissance.
Interior was sophisticated,simple but elegant in form and colour,fashion especially for femile was abouth bringing both her sides,gentle and erotic in light without too much make up  or jewelry.Form was like you  have cut the lenght of crinoline and  removied the corset.On other side,man were man,they looked confident,smart and handsome.
But beneath whole visual look "Mad Men" is at first an  outstanding drama. 
Every caracter is potrait of some crucial social atmosphere  that waits to be solved . Housewife Bethy that's been taking care of her life after she was neglected by her husband,Peggy,that hides  a secret trying to pursue a place in men world of buisness,Joan that has to put herself upon her erotic side,Don that always will solve his past and  lost identity trough drinks and infidelity and Pit who is greedy and pride and ambitious but above his wife and one secret lust.Beside this private life goes like cover life in office where very authenticly individual stories deals with sexism, racisim, feminism, adultery, homophobia and antisemitism. 
This show reciaved thousand awards and acclamations.Mad Man are slow,powerful,tense and stylish.They look like jazz or bluess or chanson.The main scene in one episode could be 10min one scene,woman standing beside window,smoking cigarette slowly...
Mad Men bring back some lost manners,great fashion,unique caracter and quality and look mixed in best possible way.Stay tune because there is a lot more that Mad Men will share and show to us!   


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