ADRIEN a.k.a. Magnifique!

Adrien Sangle-Ferriere...
is French
is photographer
is 21 years old from Paris
his relationship with Photography started a year ago
his main inspiration is Paris
his favorite quotes are:
"La photographie c'est rien, c'est la vie qui m'interesse" 
H-C. Bresson
"You don’t take a photograph, you make it." Ansel Adams

I have discovered Adrien accidentally,again thanx to my friend Vale and her FB "specialty" to open our eyes for the artist that can not be found differently;)
I've never been to day I wish..Altrough,people say"it is not like it was"..
from my point of view,Paris was and still it is place where Magic happens and Adrien photos are true example that magic WAS/IS/WILL BE happening..
He has taken also moments of Florence, favorite Barcelona but his "moments' Of "city of lights" have something More,something His and something Biutiful..
Somehow I've heard of Adrien along with discovery of Nouvelle Vague album "Couleurs sur Paris" which found perfect for backstage of this Magnifique Adrien Moments!


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