Amazing Autumn Grace

It is time for Pre-falls 2011 Collections.
I was looking over the net this days about it and have a laugh after reading an interview with always adorable Kors who was asking the same question as I.
What the hell is with "Pre"?
I agree."Pre" as something that goes between bikini and fur collections and which arrives in stores in May,needs some new word,more fashionable.
Especially when U have Louis Viutton "Pre"Fall Collection to admire.
Amazing Autumn Grace Indeed!
It is like we are in some photoshoot in late sixties and in the beggining of the '70,with Catherine Deneuve as model and Tamara de Limpicka as woman in charge for scenography and photography.
It is autumn,beautiful,warm and rich with wool,tweeds,furs all in navy blue and royalty violet.
Great job Marc!Again!


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