Tamo daleko,Four Seasons:)

Kisa nad Beogradom...pitam se dokle!?nadam se jos malo..:)
Dok nebo suze roni,tamo daleko jos uvek postoji nesto sto nekad bejase i u nass!
Cetiri godisnja doba...
metaforicki this time,kroz sferu jedinstvenih destinacija i hotela,
ajmo malo da uzivamo i otoplimo our mind;)

To have perfect Spring holiday you will not mistake,choosing some amazing spot in south of Europe(Italy,Spain or France)or if you as final desicion choose in favour of Turkey,altrough I prefer magnificent Istanbul during autumn break.
Barcelona as a pearl of Mediterian coast is definitely best spot for everyone because of her relaxing atmosphere,great night life,wide culture offer and amazing Gaudi legacy.
Mandarin,one of the new hotels in Barca is splendid modern hotel with elegant and chic interior that has taken from oriental,small but creative and classy details. 

Since terrible tsunami in Indonesia in 2004 I kinda don't fance exotic islands without place to hide...so I will always choose the most beautiful Croatia coast or Greece(Rodoss)or paradise on earth,Sardinia for summer break..but Shangri La's Villingili resort looks like only paradise not just in earth,evan in whole universe!
Do I need to tell more?
I mean,photos will tell U all U need to know;) 

place: JERUSALEM                                                              
Autumn is for me all about East and Always East.
Israel,Tunisia or Marocco!Mamilla is probably one of the most beautiful hotels I have seen recently.
It is modern but casual,it is in perfect location,it has clean lines and contemporary and stylish interior with amazing roofbar,having panorama of the city in ur hand. 

place: LONDON
Instead of going in decembar in sunny Rio,I will siggest trip to London.
I don't like to mix clime although,cold and freezing winter is tempting to change for sunny,exotic and warm Australia or Brasil.
As one of the most beatiful capitals in a world London always has something to offer extra.
St.Pancras is one of that.
After years of devoted restoration, the St Pancras Renaissance London Hotel is being hailed as the city's most romantic building. This London 5-star hotel features glorious Gothic Revival metalwork, gold leaf ceilings, hand-stenciled wall designs - and the grand staircase are as dazzling as the day Queen Victoria opened the hotel in 1873.


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